Ramah Juco program is a non-profit organization, designed to work with young student athletes who are unable to qualify for sports participation after high school. Ramah's goal is to help the student athlete achieve eligibility and obtain an athletic scholarship to a four-year University. Ramah will work with affiliates to make this achievable. Student athletes will be exposed to a college atmosphere and given the chance to learn real life-building skills, that they will be able to use on their voyage through life. Ramah will also be working with student athletes who graduate with a certificate, to enter the college atmosphere. They will be able to take available placement tests offered and enter our program. All Ramah students must enroll as a full-time student. Our goal is to improve classroom abilities, improve core classroom scores for college transfer, and improve study habits by exposing them to college life. Student athletes will be getting education advancement tools from certified NCAA accredited teachers.


P.O. Box 12144

Rock Hill, SC 29730


Tel: 803-487-0729

Tel: 803-554-5269

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